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5 Reasons you need to clean your makeup brushes

Every got a pesky random breakout or find that your skin is constantly congested no matter what you try? A lot of people blame their skin type, lifestyle, using incorrect skincare products etc but have you ever stopped to think that maybe it could be your makeup brushes to blame? 60% of women say that they have never cleaned their makeup brushes or their makeup bag. 39% of women have admitted to cleaning their brushes but not with an anti-bacterial agent.  A study at Loyola Marymount University found that after one month, uncleaned makeup brushes held more bacteria than researchers…

Spot Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning

Ok so lets get down to the gross stuff first!! As most of us know, dirty brushes carry a mix of old makeup, dead skin cells & bacteria which can lead to blemish/blackheads/skin infections, so it’s incredibly important to keep them clean. It is a task that most people find very tedious and will avoid at all costs, but definitely a task that once it’s done you immediately feel better. Plus you have more than likely invested a lot of money building a brush collection and by keeping up with your general brush care with regular cleaning it will pro-long…

Charlene’s Favourite Makeup Brushes

As a makeup artist, makeup brushes are my tools, it ensures a high standard quality of work, gives my clients a positive and relaxing experience and helps me to achieve specific makeup looks quickly and at ease. Over the years I have tried and tested many makeup brushes and brands and have narrowed it down to my favourites for you. Here are some of my favourite makeup brush brands. Blank Canvas Cosmetics Buff & Blend Click & Makeup Inglot Rebeluna Cosmetics  Zoeva Brushes Each brush will have a purpose, but some brushes can be multi purpose. You do not need…

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